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"Amazing product! Honestly, I'm very surprised with how good it is.
It's gonna save me days or weeks. Literally"

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Aaron Francis
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"I can create blog posts for my YouTube videos including screenshots, code snippets, and more in <20 minutes!"

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James Q Quick
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You already made the video.
We help you get more out of it.

For course creators...

Make every lesson readable

For news sites...

Get more search traffic.

For YouTubers...

Build out your site's articles.

For podcasters...

Provide a transcript of the conversation.

Why Video Tap?

You're busy. Don't spend your time hiring and managing a team of writers to convert your videos to blog posts.

Don't spend $300+ per blog post

No writers to manage

Get a publish-ready post in minutes

The Fairest Pricing

Pay per video. No monthly subscriptions.

$1 per minute of video

Ready to publish blog post in minutes

Fully formatted with

Insert screenshots

Export to markdown or HTML

Super fast editor to finalize your post

Create a blog post

Money back guarantee

Batch Service

Got a lot of videos? A course? An entire YouTube channel? Bulk discounts available

Give us all your videos

We process for you

Get markdown files back

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We do everything

We believe every video should have a companion blog post, so we keep prices as low as possible. Long live the blog! 🤓

Frequently asked questions

Are blog posts and chapters 100% automated?
We get you a 98% of the way there. For most people, this is a good enough publish! For others, they will use our editor to add images, links, and tweak their post a bit.
Is there a free plan?
We do not have a free plan. Transcribing and processing videos is a good sized cost. We try to offer our features at a low price of $1/min with no monthly subscriptions. Consider paying for a small video to test out Video Tap.
Are there bulk discounts?
Yup! Let's talk.
What's the return policy?
100% money back guarantee. If you're unhappy with how your blog post turned out, contact us and we'll refund you.
Are these blog posts AI generated?
Yes, we use AI. But we do not generate these blog posts from scratch. We take your transcript and what you've already said in video and rewrite it to be blog post ready.